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the Bugis Group specialized in the manufacturing of high-technology knitted fabrics
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BUGIS is specialized in the manufacturing of high-technology knitted fabrics
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selective sorting, energy savings, decrease of water consumption and energy consumptionThe Group BUGIS is concerned about repercussions that its discharges on the environment can have. So we registered in our manufacturing process some action plans resulting by :

  • the selective sorting of its waste (fabrics, plastics, cardboard boxes),
  • the treatment of oil machines by a specialized center,
  • energy savings,
  • the decrease of the water consumption,
  • the decrease of the energy consumptions,
  • the decrease of air emissions,
  • the decrease of the discharges of dirty water.

Protection of the health

The Group BUGIS does not use chemicals which risk to damage in the long  term the health of the consumers (Label OEKO-TEX)protection of the health.


We banned besides,

Coloring agents with CHLORITE which make very white fabrics during their dyeing,

Coloring agents with SULFUR which make very black fabrics during their dyeing,

The BENZENE, highly carcinogenic, in the use of the dyeing of polyesters and polyamides,

The FORMALIN, highly toxic, used as catalyst for the printings.


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